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The island of Cyprus is located at the southeast part of the Mediterranean sea and for thousands of years its strategic position, on the crossroads of three continents and the warm Mediterranean climate, attracted many visitors, explores and invaders.

Throughout the centuries, the history of the island was mainly based on its strategic position and the enslavement of the Cypriot people from invaders such as Franks, Venetians, Turks and British continued until the recent history.

Cyprus has developed historical, political, cultural, religious and national bonds with Greece. This is not a coincidence. Since 1400 BC Achaeans resided on the island. Cyprus was Hellenised since ancient times and these strong bonds exist until nowadays.

After decades of serving as a British colony, the island gained independence in 1960, after the victory of the liberation war of 1955-1959. 14 years later though, in 1974 war struck the island again. This time Turkey invades the island and since then the North part of the island is under illegal occupation. In 1983, Turkey founded the so called Turkish Democracy of Northern Cyprus, an entity that only Turkey recognises and no other state.

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