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 Per hour/per person €500
 Minimum requirements 2 persons



Flight duration
one way


   Larnaca-Beirut-Larnaca  1:30 Hrs  €2500
   Larnaca-Haifa-Larnaca  1:40 Hrs  €2800
   Larnaca-Cairo-Larnaca  3:00 Hrs  €4550
   Larnaca-Alexandria-Larnaca  2:30 Hrs  €3900
   Larnaca-Amman-Larnaca  2:30 Hrs  €3550
   Larnaca-Rodes-Larnaca  2:20 Hrs  €2900
   Larnaca-Mykonos-Larnaca  3:30 Hrs  €4370
   Larnaca-Santorini-Larnaca  3:00 Hrs  €4150

You can choose a trip among the ones we offer. It will have a fixed price (per plane) calculated on the basis of components listed below. There can be up to 3 passengers on board.
Trips with individual components are also available. But the prices will differ from the fixed ones.

Dispatch fee

Given a large amount of paperwork and planning we have to carry out before taking off the ground, we charge a one off fee of €500 to cover this

Flight time

One hour of flight cost €500 (for flights inside EU we have to add VAT).

Waiting time

If we give you a lift and you ask us to wait for your return, we charge €30 per each hour the pilot waits for you.

Airport fees

The cost of handling and landong fees as well as navigation charges are passed to you at cost


If want us to pick you up from an airfield we do not cover normally, you will be charged an additional fee. Currently all flights are made from Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus.
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