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private jet cyprus dassault falcon 7x

 Technology Highlights   

 3 Pratt and Whitney Canada engines
 Cursor Control Device (CCD)   
 Digital Flight Control System
 Enhanced Vision Systrem
 953km/h (or 0,95 mach) maximum speed
 900 km/h cruise speed (or 0,90 mach)
 Range:5950 nautical miles
 Service ceiling:15.545m (51.000 feet)
 Wing loading: 435 kg/m2 (91 lb/ft2)
 Build 2011

 Cabin size

 Height: 6.2 feet in (full stand-up)
 Width: 7.8 feet
 Lehgth: 39.07 feet
 Volume: 44 m3
 Wing area: 70.7 m2
 Empty weight: 15.456 kg
 Max. takeoff weight: 31.750 kag (70.000 lb)
 Crew: 2 persons

 Passengers comfort

 28 large oval windows
 12-14 seating configuration
 Ergonomically adjustable seats
 Pressurization system and temperature control
 Air humidifier
 Full-sized galley
 Stand-up lavatory
 127 cubic feet of passenger-accessible baggage space


€7000 per hour 
+variable cost

private jet cyprus dassault falcon 7x inside

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